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    (Smart/Small Test Equipment)


    ——About Us——


    Shenzhen AsunDar Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a research and development company of intelligent instrumentation and test equipment etc..In software programming, hardware development and structural design, our products belong to own brand with independent research & development, independent intellectual property rights. The company's independent product research and development, self-built sales channels, self-controlled product links, the core team includes software personnel, hardware personnel, structural personnel, sales elites, production control, management team and so on.


    The philosophy of the company includes technological innovation, forge ahead, value-driven, common development; people-oriented, morality first, talents are used to make the best use of it, open and inclusive, eclectic guidelines; set up a sense of responsibility, dedication,implementation a creative team; determined to be a respectable company with value, contribution, influence and appeal in the industry.

    ——About Us——

    The company is currently developing professional test equipment in the fields of powerbank, wireless charging, adapter, digital electronics, new energy, etc. It solves the problem that engineers and factories cannot test and test products with low efficiency. It also reduces the difficulty of research & development, production costs,operating area and ensures product quality, speeds up production, accumulating deeply professional knowledge and a large number of high-end customers, gaining a good market reputation.


    At the 2018 it obtained an award that is the National High-tech Enterprise. It is applying for the National Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations in 2019.


    The company will integrate industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, internet of things technologies and big data in the future. In conclusion we will inevitably create a new era of instruments and equipment with the advanced concepts of intelligent production, data sharing and equipment interconnection.

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    We escort your products in the era STE


    (Smart/Small Test Equipment)


    ASD920X Muti-protocol intelligent power sypply


    Comparable to power-z, built-in power/load, can support QC 2.0/QC 3.0, PD 2.0/PD 3.0 PSS and other multi-protocol with 5 inch android screen, integrated intelligent control.

    ASD903X Muti-channel

    quick charge load tester


    Maximum can simultaneously 4 way test, support QC2.0/QC3.0 PD2.0,PD3.0 PPS full protocol intelligent load, suitable for testing fast charge adapter, car charger, mobile power supply and other products, using 10.1-inch android screen, integrated intelligent programming control, can meet a variety of test needs.

    ASD929X Intelligent comprehensive tester


    2 mobile power products can be tested at the same time, can support QC2.0/QC3.0, PD2.0/PD3.0 PPS full protocol fast charge test, support charging and discharging in one, with 10.1-inch android large screen, integrated intelligent programming control, can meet the needs of mobile power multi-port test.


    ASD906A Battery

    simulator tester


    It can simulate 20V 10A battery with charging and discharging function and can test PCBA static current as six-half ammeter. Set 6 sets of storage voltage to support fast switching . It is suitable for R&D and mass production.


    ASD928X Intelligent comprehensive test


    Built-in analog battery, which can test semi-finished and finished products of double-channel QC and PD quick-charge mobile power supply, supports manual test and automatic test.

  • Product Advantages

    Core Patent


    Has more than 10

    core invention patents.




    Tailor-made test instruments according to customer needs.


    High precision


    High-precision and high-stability of the instrument is guaranteed by using ADI and TI high-precision chips at no cost.

    Touch Operation


    Innovative introduction of mobile phone touch method, replacing the traditional instrument button operation method, easier to operate, and the first equipment manufacturer using Android system.

    Highly Integrated


    Compared with the traditional separation test mode, we strive to complete all tests on one device, which is simple and efficient.

    Program experience


    The core team has many years of experience in chip design, and has a deep understanding of industry details, test points and difficulties.


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